2 x 200 liters stainless steel holding tank with twin L60 Yanmar diesel engine or L80 Honda gasoline engines complete with hydraulic agitator. The machine is fitted with angled steel frame for direct mounting onto the truck or trailer.


Equipment Double tank
Holding Tank Stainless steel tank
Capacity 2 x 200 Liters
Agitator Hydraulically driven
Heating system  LPG cylinder, direct heating
Engine L100 diesel engine
Chassis Unit enclosed in mild steel casing mounted on angled steel frame for direct mounting to truck or trailer
Ancillary Equipment Temperature gauge, heating systems and control valves
Length 1960mm (77”)
Width 1700mm (67”)
Height 1580mm (62”)
Weight 945Kgs


Safety Precautions:

  1. As the material being handled by the operators is very hot, make sure that all operators wear protective footwear, clothing and gloves.
  2. Eye goggles need to be wore when looking into the holding tank of the pre-heater.
  3. Never attempt to light the gas burner in the gas chamber below the holding tank of the pre-heater with bare hand.


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