180 Liters mild steel holding tank with L60 Yanmar diesel engine or L80 Honda gasoline engine complete with hydraulic agitator. The machine is fitted with angled steel frame for direct mounting onto the truck or trailer.


Equipment Single tank thermoplastic pre-heater
Holding Tank Mild steel Tank
Capacity 180 Liters
Agitator Driven by hydraulic
Heating System LPG Cylinder
Engine Electric start Yanmar L60 diesel engine or Honda L80 gasoline engine 
Chassis Material Mild steel
Mounting  Angle steel frame for direct mounting to truck or
Ancillary Equipment
  • Temperature gauges
  • Heating system
  • Control valves
Length 1447mm (57”)
Width 1193mm (47”)
Height 1422mm (56”)
Weight 680Kgs


Operating instructions:

  1. Preparing the machine.
    1. Check to make sure that the LPG cylinder is not empty.
    2. Check to make sure that the engine fuel is toped up.
    3. Check all gas hoses to make sure that they are properly connected.
    4. Make sure that all gas control valves are in the “OFF” position.
    5. Light the external burner.
    6. Turn on and light up the gas burner below the holding tank, one at a time with the external burner.

      Attention: Never attempt to light up the gas burners by inserting your hands into the burner chamber!

    7. While pressing down the rocker arm of the engine, turn the agitator by pulling the starter rope slowly.
    8. If agitator does not turn, it is because the remaining material in the tank has hardened. Allowed few more minutes for the material to melt before repeating step (7) again.
    9. Set engine throttle to half way mark
    10. Press starter button to start engine.
    11. Once engine started, put throttle to regular speed and let the engine warm up.
    12. Engage the hydraulic clutch slowly to turn the agitator.
    13. Regulate clutch engagement until a constant speed is maintained. This can be achieved by adjusting the throttle and the clutch simultaneously.
    14. After the constant speed has been achieved, load thermoplastic material into the holding tank.
    15. Heat the material to 180C – 200C until all material completely melted and a homogeneous mixture appears.
    16. The material is now ready for used.
  2. B. Cleaning and maintenance
    1. In the unlikely event that different colors of thermoplastic is to be used in the same pre-heater. The remaining of the previous color must be completely melted and drained out of the holding tank. About 25 Kgs of the new color is to be melted and drained out to flash out the material of the old color.
    2. The burners below the holding tank need to be cleaned regularly.
    3. The fuel to the engine must never allow to be completely used up.
    4. Check and oil all moving parts regularly.
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