Hand pushes screed type thermoplastic line marking machine complete with variable width (10-30cm) glass bead dispenser and interchangeable line marking die.


Equipment Manual pushed, screed type thermoplastic line
marking machine
Holding Tank Mild steel tank
Capacity 40 Liters
Agitator Manual hand stir
Heating system LPG cylinder
Chassis Stainless steel tank with mild steel chassis
Glass Bead Dispenser Adjustable from 100mm (4”) to 300mm (12”)
Marking Die Interchangeable from 100mm (4”) to 300mm (12”)
Length 1474mm
Width 966mm
Height 1219mm
Weight 128Kgs


Operating instructions:

  1. Preparing the machine.
    1. Check to make sure that the LPG cylinder is not empty.
    2. Check the connection between the gas regulator and the machine.
    3. After making sure that Item (1) and (2) are in order, turn on the control valve.
    4. Light up the main burner below the holding tank.
    5. Turn on the gas supply to the burner below the marking die.
    6. Light up the burner to the marking die.
    7. Heat the holding tank for ten (10) minutes to melt down any remaining material in the holding tank.
    8. Fill the glass bead dispenser with drop-on glass bead.
    9. Adjust width of glass bead dispenser to requirement.
    10. Place filter to the loading mouth of the holding tank.
    11. Transfer Melted material from the pre-heater to the holding tank through the filter.
    12. Stir material in the holding tank using the handle provided with the manual hand stir as and when required.
    13.  Pushing on the gate release handle, fill the die to about three-quarters full.
    14. The machine is now ready for operation.
  2. Line marking operation.
    1. Mark the line to be drawn.
    2. Position the machine so that the guild bar is on top of the marked line and the edge of the marking die, when place on the ground, is also on the marked line.
    3. Lock the rear wheel by pushing the lock pin.
    4. Remove the line marking die assembly from its holder and place it in close contact with the road surface.
    5. Please note that the following should be done in quick successions.
    6. Push the glass bead dispenser lever forward to release the beads.
    7. Push down the die shutter handle to release the material in the marking die onto the road surface.
    8. Using both hands and waist to push the handle of the machine to guild the machine along the marked line until the line had been drawn.
    9. Hold die assembly handle with left hand, lift the die shutter handle with right hand to cut the flow of the material from the marking die.
    10. Put the die shutter handle back to its holder.
    11. The material in the marking die can be refill as and when required by pushing on the gate release handle.
    12. The operators need to practice the above operations until they are very familiar before they are to be put on the actual marking operations.
    13. Zinc sheet can be used to shield the part of the road that should not be marked.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
    1. Discharge all remaining material in the holding tank and marking die.
    2. Scrap out any residue while it is still hot.
    3. Turn off all gas control valves.
    4. All moving parts including control handles, levers, and wheels, must be checked and oiled regularly.
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